Studio Eris accessories are inspired by travel, modernist design, and mythology. Organic and abstract shapes combine with colours and patterns drawn from the landscape, art, books and movies of a particular place.

The antithesis of fast fashion, these pieces are considered, slow-crafted objects made to be treasured. Every piece is designed, coloured, patterned, shaped, baked, sanded, glossed, assembled and packaged by hand in a small studio in London.

Studio Eris is a zero-waste small business. All packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable or compostable, and plastic-free. 

About Rose

Hi! I'm Rose Gardner, the designer and maker behind Studio Eris. I trained in costume and theatre design and worked for several years in film, before finding myself somewhat lost in the corporate world. After quitting my job two years ago to pursue my creative passions, I fell in love with clay and jewellery design, and launched Eris in May 2019. Eris is the goddess of chaos - so named because I believe wonderful things can come from uncertainty - if you embrace it!