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Polymer clay, UV resin and gold-plated metal. Ultra-lightweight, with a smooth matte-finish post and contrast high-gloss drop.

6.0 x 3.5 cm 

Packaged in a Studio Eris gift box.

New Classics are Studio Eris's range of staple statement earrings. Signature shapes, in seasonal colours, with a sophisticated mix of matte and high-gloss elements. Ultra-lightweight, subtly striking, and eminently wearable for everyday.

Each pair is  lovingly handmade - cut from uniquely coloured clay, baked, resin-coated, sanded, drilled, and assembled to perfection.

Polymer clay is a non-toxic plastic resin. It’s slightly flexible, very durable, and extremely light. Store in your gift box out of direct sunlight, keep away from sharp objects, avoid bending, and clean with a soft damp cloth.